How to fix a Lasko Tower Fan

Last June the heat in my apartment was beginning to be too much to take so I decided to break down and pick-up a fan to try and aleviate my suffering.  I did a little bit of research and ended up picking up a basic Lasko tower fan from Amazon.  It worked well for a few months when it suddenly decided the actual fan function was no longer important and it stopped working.

I was still well within the warranty period, but I only paid $50 for the fan and I thought it would cost me at least half that to send it back to them for repairs so I decided to fix it myself.  After all, how complicated can the thing really be?

Turns out the culprit was a fuse hidden inside the motor winding shown in the photo above.  This was discovered after first checking out the controls and slowly figuring out where continuity started to get shaky.  I replaced the fuse with a standard glass type and kept it outside of the motor housing so it can be accesed easily in the event of any future problems.

Hopefully this will help someone else out with a similar problem and save a perfectly good fan from the trash bin.

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  1. Thanks for the tip…Found the internal fuse…it was blown..Also lubricated the internal motor bearing while I had the motor open…What value fuse did you use in the external fuse holder you installed in series with the red wire going into the motor…Thanks again John

  2. hi i have same problem with my fan please can u send me a picture of fuse and how to change it and please mention whe re i can purchase the fuse . thanx a lot////syed

  3. Dear John, my Lasko 11-1/2 in. oscillaing jet air fan will not blow. The lights are on, it oscillate, but dont blow, no air. Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have the same problem with on of my Lasko fans and was just fixing to give it away ’cause it’s not worth paying to get it fixed. Could you tell me if when I take it apart the fuse will be obvious to locate?

  5. how do u get the fan apart

  6. Before I tear this thing apart, and regret it, please send me a photo of the little fuse inside the motor winding so that I can install and external fuse like you did. Thanks to you, I can repair my tower fan.

  7. Hello. I have a Windchaser Tower Fan MOSR -16″. Had it about 8 or 10 yrs. Good Fan. Excellent condition. It was knocked over by Grandkids about 5 yrs ago. I replaced the 16″ fan blade, direct from the company, $27. Smae kids this Thansgiving, again, same thing. I know, get rid of the kids! I put the thing back together, but the plastic ring holding the grill on, broke. No way to hold the drille on. That’s not the problem. It tales electric power, all the lites are on: Speeed, Mode, Timer, but will not run. I opened the casing and see it has a circuit bd. What does the “Terminal Protector mean? Is it in the time? Is it the circuit bd> Should I be buying a new one, since they run about $29 to $49 online. I;m hoping it has a simple fix, like letting the timer or mode kick in. Please advice. Al D Fulton, New York

  8. I’m having the same problem, fan not running but still oscilates. Could you send me the picture of where the fuse is and a picture of the fuse so I can get the right size.



  9. There seem to be 2 screws, mid was sown the body of the tower fan, that I don’t have the tool for. The head is shaped like a triangle, as far as I can tell.

  10. had a upright the off/on button does not work when pushing down we want to fix it our selfs

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